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How to choose? Several rules!

1. Election Rules

When choosing a seating set, look out for its dimensions, shape, and color so as not to jam the room and other pieces of furniture.

2. Construction

Be aware of the quality of the construction. The construction must be firm and resistant to mechanical damage. The best ones are made of hardwood (ash, oak, and beech) and MDF and metal.

3. Inform yourself

Check the furniture declaration to know exactly which material is made of and what is its strength, which ultimately determines the price.

4. Sleep

Are you buying a seating kit that needs to be matched to bed requirements? Be careful when purchasing the stretching mechanism to be strong so as not to be damaged by frequent pulling.

5. If you have a difficult choice

Are you unhappy about which option to choose – a set or a three-seat, two-seat and armchair? The set takes less space in the space but does not offer the ability to rotate and move as you can for separate elements.

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